Freedom From Smoking.  Freedom from pesticides.

Cold Processed, Cold Purified Nicotine from pure American, organically grown tobacco and pure Caffeine derived from organically grown botanicals. 

Supercritical Nicotine extraction from all US grown tobacco.  The world-wide gold standard tobacco extract.  CXTC 3C! Supercritical Fluid Extraction with Cold/Closed/Contained refinement technology utilizing North Carolina and Kentucky tobacco raised without pesticides, growth control agents or herbicides. Ultra high purity, diacetyl free, clear nicotine extracted using Cold CO2, Closed in the Supercritical chamber and Contained from all oxygen exposure from extraction, filtration to packaging.  The result is a much smoother and clean flavor than kerosene/hexane extractions prevalent overseas with absolutely no occurance of oxidation, the real enemy of all botanical extracts.  CXTC products have extended shelf life, require less flavoring additives which offsets the higher cost, while providing consistent, rich, full-flavor profile.  

100mg & 48mg Supercritical Nicotine 

Freebase Nicotine molecule 3C! extraction from   American tobacco raised using organic protocol. Purified via proprietary process rivalling Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography at a fraction of the cost. Blended to a concentration level of 100MG/1000MG  with your

choice of USP PG, VG.

100mg and 1000mg Supercritical Nicotine

3C! Supercritical Nicotine extracted from organically grown American tobacco.   Shipped in CXTC proprietory NSF stainless steel tanks, the nicotine extract within has never been exposed to heat, light or oxygen.

100mg and 1000mg Supercritical Nicotine

3C! Supercritical Freebase Nicotine extracted from either organically grown American  tobacco and converted to a chemical salt. 

500ML NS VG.png
150mg Supercritical CBD

3C! Supercritical Cannibidiol (CBD) extracted from organically  grown sativa hemp and blended down with organic hemp oil to a consumer measuralbe concentration level OF 7.5MG PER AVERAGE DROP.

Pharmaceutical, Botanical
CXTC specializes in ultra pure, cold extractions

of tobacco, coffee beans and other botanicals for the vitamin and medical production industries.   Supplied in raw form for proprietary in-house processing to fully processed to your specification via FDA Certified RTO.


Supercritical Caffeine
Coffee bean cold supercritical extractions producing both liquid caffeine for the energy drink industry and de-caffeinated coffee beens for coffee roasters with zero waste.


Our goal at Carolina Xtraction Technologies is to provide the highest purity, best refined base components for the beverage, vitamin supplement and e-Cigarette Industry.

The result is colorless nicotine and nearly colorless caffiene concentrations that are heavy metal and Diacetyl-Free.

Our Supercritical Fluid Extractions and proper post-extraction handling greatly increase shelf life of your product due to zero oxygen presence and destabilizing impurties. Your products will require fewer flavor additives to mask inherent off flavors, saving you money.

Nicotine: Water clear, slightly sweet with very light aromatic properties, CXTC nicotine enhances nearly all e-liquid formulations.  

Caffiene: Slightly off colored from perfectly clear, CXTC caffiene is the perfect additive for the supplement and energy drink industries.  




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