CXTC Supercritical Nicotine in 11.1 Liter and 18.1 Liter Vessels.

Supercritical Nicotine at 99.902% Average Batch Purity.   Extracted from tobacco grown in either Eastern NC, or Western Kentucky. Shipped in 11.1 Liter and 18.1 Liter NSF Stainless Steel vessels.   Supercritical Nicotine is extracted using high compression liquid CO2 pushed supercritical. It has never been exposed to heating or oxygen from the time it is extracted from the tobacco leaf until the time you dispense in your facility.  Sealed vessels allow you to dispense the product using Nitrogen, 5.0 ARGON, CO2/Nitrogen mixed gas, or beverage-grade CO2 into mixing beakers or directly into large mix tanks under gas blanket.  CXTC LQ Tanks can dispense through direct tap or connect directly to any advanced mix-tank or bottling system. The result is that your lab techs can pull off any partial amount(s) repeatedly over time without any oxidation to remaining product in the tank.   LQ Tanks are the perfect solution for larger manufacturers while providing greatly enhanced product shelf life.  


CXTC Supercritical Nicotine in deoxygenated USP Propylene Glycol at 100MG/ML Concentration Level

CXTC Supercritical Nicotine in deoxygenated Vegetable Glycerin at 100MG/ML Concentration Level.