CXTC DISPENSE PACK WITH CO2 TANK. Push-gas kit. Superior to pouring or pumping because LQ Nicotine dispensed is never "churned" with pump cavitation or poured through air into your mix tank. The remaining tank balance is always shielded from oxygen and will stay fresh for a year. 

CO2 requires more attention and knowledge than Nitrogen dispensing. Call for details. Full instruction included.
CXTC CANNOT SHIP FILLED CO2 CYLINDERS. The CO2 cylinder IS SHIPPED EMPTY OF CO2. Local cylinder filling is available in every US city.
One 20 lb. CO2 cylinder dispenses approximately 1420 liters of LQ Nicotine concentrate.
LQ Nicotine saves $9.00 per liter and this dispense pack pays for itself after 34 liters of consumption. THE SHELF LIFE OF THE E-JUICE FORMULATION IS NEVER COMPROMISED BY BOTTLE AIRS.
CXTC Dispense pack will pour into any measuring beaker OR CONNECT DIRECTLY TO ANY MIX TANK IN YOUR FACILITY, allowing e-juice blending under a blanket of CO2 in sealed tanks meeting upcoming FDA Laboratory Regulations.
CXTC LQ Nicotine is by far, the most advanced nicotine solution in the world.


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  • CXTC LQ NICOTINE Dispense pack is shipped complete with fully tested and certified tanks, regulator, hoses, couplings and full instructions required to dispense high viscosity liquid nicotine products. FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS SHIPPING OF FULL PRESSURE VESSELS VIA COMMON CARRIER. CO2 TANKS ARE SHIPPED EMPTY AND MUST BE FILLED LOCALLY. LOCAL FILLING IS AVAILABLE IN EVERY MAJOR CITY THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. If you prefer to provide your own CO2 tank, please order our DISPENSE PACK WITHOUT TANK.