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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.  With superior American raised, organically grown crops,  the e-Juice and energy drink brewers finally have the proper additives to rise to the top.  To your customer, flavor is everything.  To CXTC, extraction quality is everything.  


Your success is mutually beneficial. 

It is not what CXTC extracts, but what CXTC does not extract.  USDA Certified Organic Crops-in, means less filtration later and more pure product out. 

Depending on the particular coffee bean/caffiene or tobacco/nicotine/solanesol extractions, our committment to purity is unwaivering.  






Flavor profiles in caffiene and nicotine products. Ultra-pure anti-cancer tobacco derived Solanesol raw base extractions are our speciality.  Diacetyl is common to both the coffee bean and the tobacco plant.  CXTC eliminates both pre-extraction using a simple organic process. 



Using our ultra pure, 3C! cold and chemical free supercritical fluid extraction process, your products will taste better and command a higher price point. 

Your  formulas will be more consistent and will require less flavorings that have previously been required to "mask" the off-flavors.

     Made In America with only USDA Certified Organic botanical materials and/or organically grown on fields not yet organically certified yet raised without any agri-chemicals.  Carolina Xtract begins with the best base- crops, and saves on filtration expense later. 

The result is that  you reach a clean result in your full flavor profile potential. 



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