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CXTC Shipping Regulations.


Caffiene: No restriction.


Tobacco extracts:


     Solanesol: No restriction.


     Tobacco Flavinoids (non-nicotine): No restriction. 


     Tobacco extracts containing nicotine:  

CXTC Nicotine Products ship via UPS, FedEx and other common carrier at maximum                     concentration levels of 100MG/1ML, with no restriction to US destination.                                    

Depending on the current regulations of the destination outside of the US, products                         containing nicotine may be subject to certain regulation.

Custom Concentration levels over 100MG require Haz/Mat handling and                                          shipping via approved carriers.  CXTC is an approved shipper of                                                      haz/mat. concentration levels.                                    


        International Shipping of Nicotine Content Product:  CXTC has clearance and ships up to 100MG Nicotine Concentration Levels to the International destination choices listed in the destination menu located on the Cart check-out page.  In most cases, International transit times are 3-5 business days for shipments up to 20lbs. (9.01KG) at $78.25.   For shipments larger than 9.1KG, please contact us directly for a shipping price quote. 


If you do not see your country listed on this menu, but know that liquid Nicotine product import is not restricted in your country, please contact us via e-mail with the word "International" in the subject line and our staff will check current import regulations for your country and reply with a "GO/ No Go" decision within 24 hours. 







Due to current demand, Nicotine Content products are shipped first in/ first out which normally occurs within 48 hours of extraction and certification.  Please allow 3-6 days lead time for shipment. 

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