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CXTC Tobacco Derived Solanesol Extraction.

Solanesol Extract from Trace Compliant, USA Grown, pesticide and herbicide free Tobacco. 

3C!  Supercritical CO2 Process is a Cold, Closed and Clean way to process without heat or the presence of oxygen.

CXTC Solanesol Raw-Crude Extract taken from North Carolina grown organically grown NC Flue Cured Tobacco. SFE of C45H74O with avarage batch Monoisotopic mass of 631.58391 Da.  Suitable for further processing to end user needs. Batch Trace to 50X50M, greenhouse to bottling.  SFE Low temperature Solanesol Extract for anti-cancer research projects. Quotes available upon request.  Contract required prior to fulfillment.

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